What We Do

Our consultants provide the knowledge and experience required to make an informed energy buying decision.

Market Intelligence and Research

Our consultants undergo an ongoing education in the energy markets and the products and developments therein. All analysts and consultants are continuously briefed of the latest regulatory updates and are provided the most cutting edge commodity market research and data necessary in navigating the deregulated electricity and natural gas markets.


Risk and Budget Assessment

Our analysts have a wealth of business and industry experience as well as the tools necessary to assess your business’s financial objectives and risk appetite in order to recommend the most tailored and effective energy buying strategies.

Load and Rate Analysis

Stringent historic rate and tariff analysis is performed to ensure the client realizes maximum value from our energy procurement recommendations and services.


Strategic Procurement

Through daily monitoring of market prices and trends, and staying abreast of pending regulatory actions and rate cases, we are able to identify key buying opportunities as well as anticipate swings and price increases through commodity price speculation. While past performance is not indicative of future results, we have successfully realized our clients millions of dollars in combined savings.